FA Cup Semi Final | Coventry City v United

The thought of facing these twats again at Wembley in the final,will be even worse this time around as they’ll be out to give them every help to get them the win,especially after the farcical grealish handball last year couldn’t even help them ..

I'd still back us, I actually think the gap between us is bigger this year. Our last game of the season with a week's rest. We'd batter them.
I remember the main contractor....

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He was in robin's nest as well I think. Always used to play the comedy oirish characters in the UK but was an award winning serious actor in the republic!

Anyway love the matching shirt/ shorts/socks look, but no stripes here!

Pope gashy just given a pigeon the fright of its life! Levels.
Don't think Coventry win this. If you can make United look half decent, chances are you don't win the match.

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