FA Youth Cup Semi-Final Manchester City 1 Bristol City 0 2/04/24

They were bound to be difficult, that was the only goal they've conceded in the competition.

Good win.
Loved Alistair Mann saying that on commentary, followed 30 seconds later by telling us that Bristol City haven’t been behind once in the competition yet.

Hmm, I wonder why that is, Alistair!
Who’ve we got in the final and do we know when it is?

Edit - just googled it, leeds or fucking milwall, lovely!
Watching it now, into last 10 mins, leeds 4-3 millwall.
Etihad for final I reckon cos yorkshire will bring plenty but we'll see whether they opt for Academy.
Finished 4-3,they are playing their usual " I predict a riot" on tannoy. How apt, watch this space ha ha.

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