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27 Aug 2009
Eccles of course! Just Eccles!!
My 'baby' brother died yesterday. He was 62 years old and lived down south and I hadn't seen him since before Covid. He was 1 year older than my oldest child.

I can't sleep, I was watching football and posting on here when he died. Am I selfish, was I selfish? I couldn't have driven down to see him so I tell myself I wasn't and he knew I loved him and thought of him.
He died peacefully with his wife beside him. The brother closest in age to him had gone down from Hull to represent us all but he had gone out for a walk.

It was the 'big c' and, for those of you who know my assertion that I can't swear, I actually said the f word on Thursday, followed by the big c word (not the 4 letter one) but I sensed my Dad's arm on my shoulder telling me it was ok just this once.

Sorry to meander on..... I just needed to vent and gear myself up for the day ahead when I have to be strong for the others. As the eldest it's drummed into me from the day the first sibling after me was born. :-)

EDIT: Mods, if this shouldn't be here, please feel free to delete it. :-)
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Condolences Eccles, it's hard to lose your siblings. I lost 2 during covid and I know how it feels. But life goes on, we all die, remember the good times and don't dwell on the "what if's"
Sorry for you loss eccles, i think it is a natural part of the grieving process to think could i have done more and differently but you did the best you could and as bill said it is important to remember the good times and try not to dwell and what cant be changed.

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