Favorite World cup Game (Entertainment not occassion)


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18 Jul 2010
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Im 36 years old so my first world cup i remember watching was 1986 Mexico, had some cracking games France 1 Brazil 1, Argentina 2 England 1 and of course the final Argentina 3 Germany 2, favorite World cup as a whole was Germany 2006, in this as this thread is about games ive got 2 games that live long in the memory

2006 Semi Final Germany 0 Italy 2, end to end , the post hit twice by both sides , went to extra time and Italy got 2 goals in last minute from Grosso and Del Piero, for Grosso's goal it all came from defence splitting pass from Pirlo.Grosso celebration reminiscent of Tardelli and iirc he was born in Ashton Under Lyne.

1998 Quarter final Argentina 1 Holland 2 "That"goal by Dennis Bergkamp

It was 1-1 after about 20 mins and was a game you wanted to go on forever.Ariel Ortega(thay years next Maradona) rightly sent off for head butt on VDS who went down like a sack of shit, everyone looking forward to another 30 minutes of ET when Dennis struck, came on back of that great season he had with Arsenal in double year of 1998.

Over to you guys


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14 May 2011
Off the top of my head\;

78 Scotland v Holland

82 France v West Germany
France v Brazil
Brazil v Italy

Blue Punter

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2 Nov 2008
Any Brazil game from 1982. They were a joy to watch.

France v West Germany in 82 & Brazil 86.

England V Germany 90 & Argentina 98


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27 Oct 2008
Bulgaria v Romania in 94,what a game that was,watched it in a bar in Amsterdam whilst the sun was shining outside,Hagi v Stoichkov,think it ended up 4 3,excellent game of football

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