Ferran Torres - 2020/21 Performances


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5 Jan 2016
Pep absolutely encourages his wingers to take people on. The problem is most of the time our wingers has to take people on from a standing start because of the parked defense and this is almost impossible to pull off unless you're someone like Messi or prime Hazard.

Though what Pep wants is for the winger to only dribble when you're one v one. A lot of our overloads on one side of the pitch is done so we could create a 1v1 situation on the other side of the pitch. Dribbling against 2 or 3 players will just result in a possession lost and discouraged by Pep.

Look at what Kinglsey Coman here said about Pep's instruction to him:

Basically it doesn't matter if you keep failing taking people on 1v1 because you only need to succeed once to make a difference.

Didsbury Dave

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1 Feb 2007
He has gone under the radar a bit , if he played for anyone else he would be a wonder kid , i have high hopes for him , very good start to hopefully another ten yearer
He'll have a man of the match performance or two soon, and get a wonder goal or two, and suddenly the world will notice this lad. He's going to be a superstar.

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