FIFA Club World Cup - 2023/24 | 12-22 Dec 2023 | City v Club Leon/Urawa Reds

Am I right in thinking the the city section is block 334 and 335, cause they're the only ones showing available for me when I click those links. For the final that is.
I'm unavailable to select 127 or 128, surely they haven't sold out?
Can't see them selling out first as the difference isn't much and you aren't spending £2k then saving a tenner on a cheap ticket.

You can kinda tell 128 had already half gone, so the allocations are fluid and there will be neutral etc in out blocks too.


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Al-Ittihad (the host club) have sacked Nuno Espirito Santo. Be interesting to see who they appoint.
Im looking for hotel for the Thursday and Friday night. Just wondering what area everyone else thinking of booking.

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