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  1. ChicagoBlue


    10 Jan 2009
    Mods: Did a quick search and didn't see anything regarding the fixtures that butt up against our Champioms League schedule. Please merge if there is one...


    Palace (A)
    Sept 15-16 CL Matchday1
    West Ham (H)

    Spurs (A)
    Sept 29-30 CL 2
    Newc Utd (H)

    Bournemouth (H)
    Oct 20-21 CL 3
    Man Utd (A)

    Norwich (H)
    Nov 3-4 CL 4
    Aston Villa (A)

    Liverpool (H)
    Nov 24-25 CL 5
    Southampton (H)

    Stoke (A)
    Dec 8-9 CL 6
    Swansea (H)

    Not too bad at all!

    Four of the six games have HOME GAMES after the CL game, with one of the two away games being Man Utd, which is like a home game from the travel perspective. That game may be greatly affected by who each team plays in the CL, and where, so I expect City to be in the Ukraine or some such, and United to have had a home game against the Pot 4 team!

    That said, apart from Spurs (A), Liverpool (H), and Stoke (A) prior to CL games, it would be hard to complain too much about it all......unless we end up with SUNDAY - TUESDAY schedules, or similar such bullshit designed to hurt us!

    This could be the year to push on on multiple fronts, with domestic cup, past the CL Round of 16, and competing for (winning?) the Premier League until the end. One thing for sure, Pelle won't be playing the reserves for ANY cup game this season!!
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    The Fat el Hombre

    20 Apr 2006
    Thanks ks for doing this mate its important to know and yea, it does seem as thought they've fallen ok for us this year if all those are correct. Now we just need a half decent draw for once! This should be in the main section btw

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