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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by calum down, 9 Oct 2017.

  1. calum down

    calum down

    17 Jan 2009
    what day is it!
    maybe this should be in the general football forum,
    but it's more difficult to call a **** a **** upstairs without offending some sensitive **** or other,
    so i've posted it down here in order that honesty may prevail.

    a fair few of us have rag relatives, some very close family.
    that's the way things are.
    right or wrong they are our blood and nowt can be done about it.
    fuck 'em!

    i was more thinking about genuine chosen friends.
    you know.
    people who are good mates but who happen to support the scum.
    pals who are such good pals that we can almost forgive them for it,
    well, maybe not forgive, they are still rag twats at the end of the day,
    but we can at least overlook it because they are sound fellows.

    i say this because i've had such a nice evening with a rag.
    one of many with him over many decades.
    despite his loyalties i am very fond of him
    and i do enjoy spending time with the rag twat,
    is it right?

    it confuses me.

    everything that is wrong with football is the scum.
    he mocked me for years and now is blind to the truth of how things are shifting in our favour.
    there's no talking to him.

    and yet,
    20 years my senior, he greatly inspired me as a youth.
    a friend of the family he lent me his telescope and his precious books of da vinci's drawings.
    he talked me through euclid's elements and newton's principia.
    he never once treated me as a child, only an equal.
    without him i would be a totally different person.

    now i'm in my fifties and he's in his seventies.
    he is still so very sound about almost everything.
    when it comes to football he's a complete and utter rag ****.
    it is so frustrating.
    it makes no sense of what is right or what is wrong.
    he is a rag and talks bollox about footy.
    that is all there is to it.

    aside from his rag affliction he is sound as fuck.
    he was born and bred in bradford manchester
    (funnily enough a mere stone's throw from the etihad)
    as a kid he went with his dad to city one week and the scum the other,
    as was common in the day,
    but when push came to shove, like a sheep, he chose the scum.

    i have no time whatsoever for rags in the main.
    some would say they are ****s to a man
    and generally it's difficult to prove otherwise.

    how contrary of me.
    it's only a week ago that i was on here moaning about how meeting a rag had ruined my day
    and now i'm here starting a rag love-in.
  2. gordondaviesmoustache


    19 Oct 2010
    Any borough in England and Wales
    You make me sick.
  3. He's a ****, and I'm thinking so are you. Bin him.
  4. Maly Wilson

    Maly Wilson

    22 Jul 2009
    Busy Managing my other love - High Lane FC
    He’s clearly a Cnut.....but he’s your Cnut
  5. canyerdogputoutafire


    11 Feb 2008
    santiago street
    He is a bona-fidi, patronising rag. Send him a last City Christmas card after we beat them in the next derby and have done with it.
  6. Hoghead


    25 Oct 2013
    On the cusp of reality
    Meeting a rag mate tomorrow for an afternoon on the lash and if we haven't fallen out, the evening as well. He was born in Whalley Range and has lived his whole life in Manchester but he ain't been to the old toilet for over 20 years and can't understand why anybody would or could support a team who haven't and never will win anything. He is the typical rag ****.
  7. sir baconface

    sir baconface

    20 May 2012
    Not in my lifetime.
    Hang your head in shame, OP.
  8. Don Karleone

    Don Karleone

    8 Nov 2008
    Just about sums it up.
  9. chaddblue


    5 Jan 2008
    I was out on Sunday night with half a dozen mates. A couple of them were rags.. and I mean proper plastic rags. The type who combined have been to the swamp less times than me, but still claim to be big reds. Football was never brought up once all evening, and we had a great night on the piss and a right laugh. The only way to deal with it !!
  10. nimrod


    24 Dec 2006
    Down Under
    Dear OP
    Its just football mate
    You cant pick friends based on who they support
    Well you can, but it seems very childish to me.

    I have many rag freinds, I dont like it when Yoonited win but I always am nice to them and say something like 'your team did well'.....they will respond in kind and maybe think to themselves 'City fans are ok...' :)

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