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27 Oct 2020
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Anyone here on Bluemoon subscribe to FuboTV?

I live in the states and in order to watch all the Euro games I decided to try FuboTV - currently I'm subscribed to Youtube TV which does not offer some of the matches.

Based on some of the posts on reddit, the FuboTV app is supposed to be much better than the Youtube TV app - I'm watching the streams on Apple TV. Anyhow...

Unless I'm missing something, the FuboTV app (at least on Apple TV) is pretty terrible. There doesn't seem to be an option to record all the Euro games. There's an option to record all games featuring a particular country, but not a particular tournament. In order to record all the Euro games I had to click through the initial set of knockout round matches, click record, and then change the recording options to record all content featuring that country...

And the fast forward feature doesn't show what you're skipping past... so you have to guess how many seconds to skip and backtrack if you overshoot.

Anyhow, I'm not very impressed by Fubo TV so far.
Watched the Fubo TV-exclusive broadcast of Switzerland v. Hungary. Strangely, there was no header on the broadcast showing the remaining game time. Fubo TV obviously doesn't produce the content and simply broadcasts what's provided... still, if that's the quality of broadcast that I'm getting from Fubo TV it's disappointing.

Also... I hating the Fubo TV app they made for Apple TV. The Apple remote seems to work differently depending on if the program your watching is live or has been recorded. I don't think it's possible to rewind a live broadcast (on Youtube TV there's a 1/2-hour window or so even for live broadcasts and you can rewind back 1/2 hour).

All-in-all, I'm going to drop Fubo TV once the trial period ends.

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