Gabriel Jesus - 2019/20 performances

Discussion in 'Player Performances' started by razman, 9 Jul 2019.

  1. razman


    23 Jun 2013
    Genuinely think this will be a breakthrough season for Jesus , especially seeing how well he played in the Copa America

    Good read this

    Some interesting bits

    His attitude has never been an issue for the City manager, who rates the player highly but—according to B/R sources—vowed privately not to stand in his way if he felt an urge to move for starts.

    Sources around City told B/R in May that there was a feeling he might not be around next season.

    Their fears were almost founded. Since then, Jesus has taken time to evaluate how his career is progressing: Is City the right place for him, or is it time to leave?

    But a decision has been made—he is going to stay and fight to prove his worth in Manchester.

    B/R Football's Brazilian expert Marcus Alves revealed: "In recent weeks, his entourage received enquiries from some interesting clubs, such as AS Roma and Atletico Madrid. But he has opted to remain at Manchester City for at least one more year.
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  2. trevorriley


    18 Jan 2012
    hope he stays, fans with an eye for "football" notice what he adds to our game. Others simply copy off the fan next to them moaning and say "he is offside to often"

    Pep will always be a one striker or even happy with no striker in the way he plays and attackers he has in midfield & wide. Sergio is always first choice, so to have a player as talented willing to sit games out and jump at his chances is very lucky.. Before anybody says he should be pushing Sergio for his place, just have a think which striker in the PL would knock Sergio off his spot ?
  3. BlueMoonRisin'


    18 Aug 2009
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    That is a very good point, and I can't think of another PL striker who would dislodge Sergio as our main striker. I've been critical of Jesus in the past but I'll be delighted if he can merit being our main striker when Aguero leaves. He definitely needs more game time next season.
  4. KCblue


    20 Apr 2015
    in goal
    Sergio will rightfully remain first choice this season, but I said yesterday I wouldn't be surprised at all if Gabby takes over the starting spot in Sergio's final season of 20/21.
  5. asahartford1


    15 Nov 2016
    I believe he will have far more game time this season. I will not be at all surprised if he starts some of the very important games. I am sure they will both start on occasion too.

    Remember pep preferred him over Kun, before his run of injuries held back his development.

    Luckily we have the best two strikers around, poor pep having to juggle those two.
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  6. Dax777


    20 Dec 2010
    He will finish the season as the starting #9 and he'll tear the league up next season.

    I can't wait. Wasn't a starter either at the Cops, but after a few games it became painfully obvious he should be starting..

    His intensity, movement, hustle and ball skills are just too notch :)
  7. Rolee


    22 Jun 2012
    Bringing Angelino in increases the chances of this, I think. They've started together before when Mendy was available, now that we have an alternative attacking fullback I think we'll see the Aguero Jesus partnership more often.
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  8. He's also shown for Brazil, again, that he has the intelligence to play as a wide striker, not unlike the way Pep used David Villa at Barca.

    He is also willing to bust his guts tracking back.
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  9. City_Sean


    24 Oct 2011
    Watching it, Drinking it in
    I said it a while back, but for me the FA Cup final performance was the spark he needed. He was absolutely unplayable that day and he reached the levels in his first season before his injury.

    In the Copa America he really stepped up again, and I think he'll start and finish the season as our first choice striker.
  10. Deepest Blue

    Deepest Blue

    20 May 2010
    Rewatched the Copa Final today and just focused on GJ.
    Very unlucky to be red carded, given no latitude by a fussy ref.
    While on the pitch was an absolute thorn in the side of his opponents popping up all over the pitch to put in challenges or draw opponents away from the man in possession.
    He was given very little possession in good areas but was very dangerous when he got it.
    Coutinho in particular was very poor and wasted much of Gabby's good work.
    The Red Card may end up helping both us and him. He will now be aware that he must be smarter when opponents try to provoke him and it's good that his lesson was learned while playing for Brazil rather than us and ultimately he still got his winners medal and it won't have damaged his self esteem too much.

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