General transfer rumours


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21 Aug 2014
I’m shocked you’re shocked, shockingly so

have to hand it the kraut scum, they don’t half get these deals over the line.... sane and upamacano should be in the 150m+ bracket, literally half of that spent!
Horrible club but they pay what they want to pay and always get their man.


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23 Sep 2019
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I read that Danny Rose may be going on loan to WBA.
Would have fitted in well for us maybe.
Mourinho has axed him from the Spurs panel so be interesting to see if he still has any enthusiasm for the game or is he going to do a Winston Bogarde.

He would have fitted in well about 5 years ago. When he was decent, and not a ****.


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9 Jul 2008
not an improvement on zinc, someone put something up on his player thread, have a read and you will see how actually he is pretty important to the way we play, as for bertrand , not for me average left back at best
Zinchenko is underrated. He does get skinned a few times and people are quick to jump on his back. There’s not many full backs that don’t get beaten by their man occasionally.


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18 Jun 2012
Ryan Bertrand looks an interesting option for LB. Homegrown, left footed and likely to be cheap in Jan. Free agent in the summer.

Think that ship has sailed - not the player he used to be and don't think he's any better than our current LB options (I'm not including Mendy in that, rather Cancelo, Zinchenko and Ake).

Always said that he should have been the player we signed in 2017 instead of Danilo, when there were rumours he was going to join until the Alves deal fell through.

There was no need for Walker and Danilo - Maffeo should have stayed as a backup to Walker and Bertrand signed as a backup to Mendy (before we knew of all the injury issues...).

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