Greatest premier league team

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  1. urban genie

    urban genie

    11 May 2008
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    Le Arse finished 11 points clear and 2nd place had 7 loses.

    This new myth since the rags went shit that the league is weaker is bollocks, where before there would be 4-5 poor teams and a set top 4 elite we now have a more competative top 6 (yes we have blew them out of tge water but genrally it's close 2-6) and any club cN compete to stay up and finish top 10.

    League went from 94 -2012 very predictable and static, us and spurs breaking into the top 4 has helped improve the competativeness at top, teams below top 6 have also levellled out and every game counts now.

    Only scousers, rags and tarquins say the leagues weaker because it has knocked them off their perches and the media fan this myth.
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  2. chaddblue


    5 Jan 2008
    The PL is the strongest it’s ever been

    The reason some say it’s poor is because English teams are not successful in the CL but that’s down to the quality of 3 or 4 clubs on the continent as much as anything
  3. Cobwebcat


    21 Aug 2007
    In the mind of a sausage
    The PL was strongest around 2008 but 2018 is right up there and The Centurians were undoubtedly the best in any one season.
  4. Dhruv1


    23 Mar 2014
    It was just devastatingly beautiful. We are definitely Pep's City now. We got the players he needed, and after just one season he's greatly improved the star(let)s we already had, and we have demolished the hardest league in the world. We did it exactly the same as he did before, if not even better. Most points (100); most wins (32) and most consecutive wins (18) ever in English top-flight. Most goals (106); greatest goal difference (+79) and greatest gap to 2nd (19) ever in the Premier League. Since OPTA began (Aug 03) best shot conversion (16%); best passing accuracy (89%); greatest possession (72%) and fewest shots faced per game (6.2). Everyone who ever thought, and felt justified last year, that this was impossible has been proven wrong. And we were such a joy to watch. Our sweeper keeper, very good shot-stopper who's better with his feet than many PL players; our CBs stationed at the half-way line, making something so alien look simple, keeping possession ticking over, penetrating when they could and greatly defending the little they needed to; our full-backs overlapping so high, yet able to get back with their speed, or inverted inside and beginning attacks; the holding midfielder as important as ever in defence but having the freedom to show his positional and passing intelligence in this system; our dual #10s, ghosting between enemy lines, masters of keeping possession, absolute genius as they'd conjure a killer assist or beautiful goal; our young wingers, getting chalk on their boots opening teams up, terrorising defences with their lethal pace, or cutting inside to set-up or score; lastly the strikers, involved in and finishing our dazzling team moves, shining from their own brilliant moments of magic and beginning our pressing right from the front. Our amazing players, growing even more masterful in their artistry yet fighting as humbly as we did is a winning combination I never tired of witnessing. 2014 will always be special for me, and probably nothing will top 2012, but I did like the sound of it being comfortable. This was better than I could have dreamed, I remember thinking we'd won it all the way back in November. For the best team and the most beautiful season, just maybe never to be seen again, thank you Pep Guardiola and Manchester City!!!
  5. Psychedelic Casual

    Psychedelic Casual

    1 Sep 2016
    We are not the greatest Premier League team.

    History shows that we are the greatest league team in English football history (bar maybe Preston from 1889, but they only played 22 games).
  6. OB1


    28 Feb 2007
    Taking it one game at a time
    We are statistically but it's more than just that. I've watched football for 50 years and City in the season just ended were the best team I have seen in this country.

    Most of the reasons put forward why City are not the GOAT are inane rubbish that is easily dismissed. They are often a combination of bile and bollocks. After City won at Everton, one comment from an Arsenal fan was that this City side had been bought unlike the Invincibles of 2003-4 that Wenger built. I suppose Terry Henry came free with a packet of Frosties and Dennis Bergkamp doesn’t count because he was a Bruce Rioch purchase; likewise, Sol Campbell was playing for free, being a Bosman. Jens Lehmann of course was a native of Islington… Hang on a minute, what the hell has how players were acquired got to do with how they rate as a team? Absolutely sweet FA.

    The most compelling argument against this City side’s greatness is that its only got one trophy winning season to offer as evidence. A case can be made that true greatness for a football team should encompass success over an extended period but isn’t it funny that when people talk about other contenders it’s the Invincibles, the treble winning side of 1998/9 and the 2004/5 Chelsea side; in other words, references to teams in a particular season. Those seasons were not isolated successes for the respective clubs, but they were pinnacles and those teams were not unchanged from season to season.

    When looking at the pre-Premier League era; I have long considered the best English club side (certainly that I’ve seen) prior to that point to be:

    Bruce Grobbelaar

    Phil Neal

    Alan Kennedy

    Mark Lawrenson

    Alan Hansen

    Kenny Dalglish

    Sammy Lee

    Craig Johnston

    Ian Rush

    Ronnie Whelan

    Graeme Souness

    Now that is a side that changed little over an extended, very successful period; although that did arguably peak in 1983/4 with a treble of the league, League Cup and European Cup. A major achievement but they did not play football as beautiful and sophisticated as City. And just look at where the players hail from – all from these Isles aside from a random Aussie. City have a huge advantage by comparison that they can use players from football nations who simply produce more talented players than the UK and Ireland.

    Given a Tardis and an unbiased referee, I think the current City side would get the better of that Liverpool team. Like every other team though, they cannot match the 100 points total.
  7. peace frog

    peace frog

    9 Jan 2009
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    I was enjoying that but because there isn't any gaps it made me blind.
  8. Dhruv1


    23 Mar 2014
  9. levets


    13 Sep 2005
    Team supported:
    We matched that unbeaten run of 22, therefore we are the best ever
  10. Fame Monster

    Fame Monster

    28 Jun 2009
    Straight away we can probably discount any team in the pre-prem era given that it was mainly Brits playing with no internationals. In the prem era, the invincible would be the team to beat except that the 4-5-1 teams of Mourinho and United from 04-09 consistently outperformed the crux of that side. From 09-17, I don’t think there were any great teams, our team of 13/14 was probably a similar level to the Chelsea and United teams a few years before but this team we’ve got now absolutely blows all 3 of those sides out of the water. No question we are the greatest.

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