Guardiola interview with Rio Ferdinand


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9 Aug 2009
That's the best interview Pep has done since he came here.

He's clearly relaxed, enjoying the results, perhaps even surprised the pressure isn't even there in the title race?

I was intrigued to hear him say one on the reasons he extended his deal was the chance to also improve again with new players.

Great to see him looking so relaxed. I'm not sure quite what the reason is, he's pointed to the impact Lillo has made on him, in terms of being more calm.

He's a clever bloke with a huge passion and obsession for football, sport and almost every part of the game. We've all criticised his team selections in the CL and it's long been an issue both at Bayern and ourselves. I'm hopeful his mindset and approach now will be to stick with our best team and formation. If we lose playing that way then so be it. But the way we lost to Lyon for example just leaves you thinking what if?

It's exciting to hear he's looking to rebuild and remain at the club. positives for the future.


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8 Jan 2010
If you treat people with respect you are repaid with good things. Maybe if the football media left their agendas at home they would end up with a better product instead of managers evading every question. Great interview, on a par with the Linekar one a few years back.

Mike Cledford

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9 Jun 2019
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Man City
Probably common knowledge at this point but he was part owner of Rosso, along with the guy who owns Boohoo.

Boohoo staff got pretty sizeable discount and it was pretty common to see him hitting on the young girls in there every week. Heard from my girlfriend at the time that he'd taken plenty of her colleagues to hotels.

I'm not saying anything about who he is now but he was a total slimy bastard 5-10 years ago and, although I'm sure it was still a horrible time in his life, the way he presented himself as a person and as a husband at the time didn't sit right with me.

I'd have far more respect for him if he held his hands up and admitted who he was rather than using the opportunity to manage his public image.
He named 10 'affairs' in court. They must have been a drop in the ocean with all the casual pickups where he never got a full name or any in the sort of situation you mention above.
Listening to some of the hype from the BBC prior to the screening of the documentary that no womsn would fall for that crap. He is a very plausible, well practiced liar.
The likes of Tyler and Neville have taught me to ignore crap whilst enjoying what Pep says and how his team plays. And l did.

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