Gundogan as an attacking midfielder

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  1. Psychedelic Casual

    Psychedelic Casual

    1 Sep 2016
    That’s because Pep (and other managers) don’t look at substitutions like fans do. Football is a simple game in many ways but from Pep’s POV it’s all about fine intricacies and complicated tactics.

    Every player has a different role in every different game and within ten minute spells within every different game, that changes the pattern of play, the spaces on the pitch and how they move the opposition around the pitch. It’s not about “if Bernardo and David were still on the pitch we would have created more because they’re creative players” or “if de Bruyne had played centrally he would have been more effective”. Every move Pep makes has a detailed reason behind it from ‘X player’ will occupy certain spaces and make certain runs to create space for ‘Y player’ to do other things to exploit that space, going off what Pep has seen from the way the opposition has played in the game so far. It’s not a case of “go out there and get us back in the game mate”.

    With all Pep’s subs yesterday we started to create more and more chances, he probably saw that Norwich had eight players occupying the space where our attacking midfielders were so that’s why he took them all out of the game and put de Bruyne on to fit a different role going off how Norwich were defending. It worked to a certain extent because we created a lot of opportunities in the last 20mins but our finishing was terrible.
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  2. Saddleworth2


    27 Jan 2014
    I don’t agree that we had loads more opportunity in the last 20 minutes and those we did have were not great quality. I am well aware of Peps methods but yesterday the subs didn’t have the impact he intended (imo)
  3. Its in The Blood

    Its in The Blood

    15 Jun 2008
    Yesterday was a truly bad day at the office.
    Passing was woeful all over. Back 4 was disjointed and lacked confidence.
    Rodri was at times our sole midfielder due to we had the two wide players then we had Silva up along side Sergio and yes Gundagon not far of the same on the right. Gund, was way to far forward to help out Rodri and as soon as ball turned over we suffered in that department. KDB is more mobile and floats about deeper and forward. Plus he whips the ball in early. We were never getting the ball in early before his intro.
    1 defeat since January.


  4. Fame Monster

    Fame Monster

    28 Jun 2009
    OSC Milan
    Gundogan was quality towards the end of last season played in his proper position but I'm not sure I agree he was that good in the game against Spurs. Maybe on the ball but when we lost the ball, I remember his lack of pace compared to Moura and Son being a factor in the goals that Spurs scored on the counter. Either way (and not wanting to massively derail the thread on that point), I still think he shouldn't be anywhere near a 10 for us with the other players we have in that position.
  5. super_city_si


    29 Dec 2007
    Should be taken out of the CAM rotation. Only ever any good at DM when we’re going to have 80% of the ball.
  6. ojeme


    28 Jul 2013
    Was terrible vs Bournemouth and we were lucky to have too much for them. When I saw his name in yesterday's line up, I could only hope for the best. we have to always give ourselves the best opportunity to win games. 2 points behind the scousers and we go into a game with that kind of overconfidence?
  7. Jumanji


    22 Jan 2011
    Gundo's really good but he doesn't run that much after those knee injuries.. He was infuriating me yesterday. Bernardo would be chasing forward and back desperate to get the ball while Gundy would just be skipping along watching him.
  8. MeatHunterrr


    24 Apr 2014
    This is what I don't get. Pep demands work rate from everyone, yet he lets Gundogan stroll around the pitch pretty often? Its like different standards apply to Gundogan.
  9. Draikin


    24 Jan 2012
    Also came back fat from holidays, didn't get the "lose your extra weight before you can train with first team" treatment

    3 starts, 6 goals conceded, one every 35mn he's on the pitch.

    We defend in 442 with KDB/Silva joining Aguero to trap opponents on one side of the pitch, Gundo just doesn't know how to do it
  10. lmhblue1


    29 May 2019
    If you've got an account on the Athletic you should read Sam Lee's piece on Gundo. Gaffer's son.

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