Haaland or Messi

Who should City sign?

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I am hoping for both, Haaland is the future but Messi in a blue shirt would be unbelievable. It would also allow Haaland to learn our system, play with the Goat and hopefully give him more longevity as he would not be playing every week. For this to happen though it means Kun has to leave :(

Berts Neck

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2 Jan 2014
Messi=Isco..it isnt happening ..I just can not see a soon to be 34 year old Messi in this team, and in the PL. Would no doubt produce Kinky moments of pure joy, but he is past his peak and just does not fit the City blueprint of recent transfers. Has to be Haaland.


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2 Jan 2016
One down.

Seems a bit strange he will stay at Barcelona because they have a new President and some cheap and free players good ones granted (lots of options available this year something even we should perhaps consider) So they now stand a better chance in the league but doubt they will win the champions league. They key trophy surely

He will take a pay cut why would you

They also seem to be linking his staying at Barcelona and his ambassador role to his move to inter Miami but they have inter in there name admittedly no connect to that club and of course one of their owners played for Real and there is no suggestion that Barcelona will get involved with Miami in any way

City and CFG on the other hand have connections all over the world including the America


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30 Jun 2019
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Manchester City
Messi can fuck off, I didn't want him here anyway.


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