Hansen has his say....


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21 Jan 2011
Rossendale, Lancs
oakiecokie said:
Jim Tolmie's Underpants said:
Exactly! We need to match their workrate at all costs.

Fucking hell Tolmie,you make enemies quickly !!!! lol
DSonBlue has only been registered since 20th Jan 2011 (125 posts),but I assume you`ve crossed swords before with him,maybe under another username he has/had !!
Naughty boy you !!! lol mate.

Yeh I was a bit OTT last night and probs shouldnt have gone after Tolmie like that.

I get the fact that he is probs guilty of nothing more than being a realist at the end of the day, however in general terms I only seem to see his negative side lately (been reading this forum for a lot longer than my registration suggests).

Anyway apologies T, the last thing we need is fans turning on each other, espesh since thats really wot my anger stems from in the first place.

Just would be nice for some of the negatives to be counter balanced with a few positives sometimes thats all.

Also, its Hansens fault for being a massive bell end.


Mike C

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18 Apr 2010
Chippy_boy said:
ANY1aBLUE said:
Couldnt have put it better myself!

-- Fri Apr 15, 2011 9:47 am --

IF we score first then it might work out OK. Go behind and it could be embarrassing as heads drop and the lack of team spirit and poor morale will surface.

Thats the diferrence between us - you KNOW utd will keep going whatever the score or setback.
Thats what Mancini has most failed at - instilling team ethic.

-- Fri Apr 15, 2011 9:49 am --

could it be that they aren't being 'managed' very well ??!

I just don't get it. I mean Mancini might not be the best manager in the world. But he has won stuff, so you have to think he might not be *completely* clueless.

Look at Barry, for example:

2004/5 Goals 8
2005/6 Goals 6
2006/7 Goals 9
2007/8 Goals 9
2008/9 Goals 8

2009/10 Goals 3
2010/11 Goals 2

Lescott scored 8 goals for Everton in the 2007/8 season. 8 fucking goals. OKs, so that was a high, but he *always* was a thread when playing for Everton. For us, 1 goal last season. And 1 this.


2009/10 Goals 12

2010/11 Goals 1

What do we do to these guys???

Well, we don't let Barry and Milner take the penalties for a start...

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