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25 May 2010
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I didn't know that, presumably to make money on spurs when they sell in the future?. I think the spurs fan is saying they haven't actually pumped any direct cash in for the manager to spend?
Agree with that....was meaning,they pumped money in to buy the club....all them shares in that post was after they paid Sugar for his shares.

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26 Jan 2009
now Grealish is over the line i can see this one gathering pace tomo onwards, my guess deal by Tue at 130m plus add ons done a week today

I don't think we'll see anything happen on this until after we play them, even if he isn't fit to be considered for either side I just think it would be a bad move for Spurs to do that and over shadow the match.


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22 Sep 2016
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£160m is a made up media figure.

The real figure will be £100m + addons.

Grealish £75m +£25m

Kane £100+£20m

City may have money but we ain’t stupid.

Surely the only thing that matters is what Levy will accept. And you don't seem to have included that in your excellent and informative post.

City may not be stupid but many people on here say Levy is a bit thick. This could be a bloodbath when your "not stupid" City folk take on the thick Levy.

I feel a bit sorry for him

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