Harry Kane

Do you want City to go back in for Kane in January?

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24 Aug 2008
Spurs fan in peace.
We are a well run club ofcourse financially. I have seen some post here alluding to Spurs going towards financial oblivion interms of debt. Yes, it does look huge. Covid really did hurt us the most in PL given so much dependent on revenues from stadium. But we will fine...as long as there is no further lockdowns.

Our only issue is, no focus given football side in last 3-4 years. But things are quite optimistic this summer with Fabio Paratici, new DoF, already doing some smart deals and Levy taking a step back from making transfer negotiations.

As for as Kane, fan base is extremely disappointed in how he has gone about things, especially given, fans were on his side till May, even if he was leaving us.

As for as any potential transfer - City set the marker themselves. Having paid Grealish 100m, the minimum fair value expected for Spurs will be 160m. Ball is on city court. If they come up with that valuation, deal will happen.
Anyone outside of the Spurs-centric bubble which you inhabit will think you've no grasp on objective reality.


If we get Harry will other teams call us the "Harry Kane Team" like Pep did?


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21 Jul 2007
Just spotted a tweet that Spurs are now expecting Kane to be available to play against us on Sunday. Could this spell the end and mean us starting the season without a striker?!


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28 Jan 2009
rag central the blue part.
Guy top left also said “City spent 100 million on Grealish”

no mention of the 40 million we made in sales so it was 60 million net spend. They know this for a fact just constantly pushing their narrative that City spend what they want

they also said City clearly have loads of money. Yea we have loads of money but they know we can’t spend what we want because of restrictions so it’s irrelevant how much we e got. More incorrect narrative pushing.

SSN is the football version of Loose Women

Don`t start calling loose women, I love them girls.


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28 Aug 2005
I agree with player purchases that we obviously need for a position but we will still get bargain players who can be moulded into a City type player.

The team has progressed to such a state that only world class players are wanted for our dare I say 1st team.

the levels of the so called elite are falling fast and i think city don't need to panic in the transfer market
i got stick for saying grealish was a luxury signing ? the truth is we have players already at the club that can play in that role. the kane transfer is a must and no club can go without a natural born striker

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