Harry Kane

Do you want City to go back in for Kane in January?

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30 Apr 2009
Incredible how owners like this have helped convince the world that Sheikh Mansour and similar are ruining football when it's simply that they don't want to invest any of their own money in a competitive market.
He’s only got one tennis court on his 98m sixteen bedroom yacht tbf.


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1 May 2008
Lancashire Riviera
Reading a lot of nonsense on here this morning.

Let’s get some facts straight.

Spurs have all the power
Spurs don’t want to sell
Spurs know we’ve paid 100 million for an uncut gem
Spurs know we are desperate to buy Kane
Levy is a well renowned hard ass negotiator

Due to these facts we will not get him for less than 150m. That 150m may involve players their manager fancies and we agree to let go.

The longer this plays out the more the price goes up as they don’t want or need to sell. Imagine if we struggle to score in the first couple of games, we could be looking at 200m.

We need this done this week before the season starts or, imho, it won’t happen
You were reading a lot of nonsense, so you thought you’d join in and show us what real nonsense is?

Berts Neck

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2 Jan 2014
The money being bandied about for Kane is obscene. 150m for a a 28 year old with potential injury issues,when clubs are in dire straits with Covid makes zero sense. So many unknowns in terms of how much we lose coming 2,3,4 in PL,not progressing in CL without Kane. We have no guarantee he will score 30 a season for us, most new players take a season to bed in. How many goals would our 2nd or 3rd striker choices get ? Pay 50k for 20 goals a season striker ? There are certain clubs that I would walk away from in terms of negotiations and Spurs would be right up there along with some Italian clubs. Levy did the same with Kyle.
I hate Spurs after 1981 and Levy makes me despise them even more.Hold your heads up City and do not bow to that total cnut.

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