Harry Kane

Glauber Berti

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5 Jul 2011
Spurs being linked with Pau Torres now - he won't be cheap - surely they're bringing in reinforcements before selling Kane


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14 Apr 2021
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I've only recently noticed, but many BM posters who have adopted a pseudonym that makes reference to Phil Foden appear to be really thick.

It's because of the school holidays.

We're probably suffering an influx of pre-pubescent scrotes with bleached blonde pudding bowl haircuts, who think 28 is old.
There known as Scratter's


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28 Aug 2005
Anyone who ever entertained the thought of Kane being less than £120m total was living in a dream world.


kane to city has so many other factors we have to pay top dollar for
levy knows he would be losing 20/30 goals from his club and giving them to city for a start

the gap between both clubs will be growing and spurs see themselves as a top 4 club and have ambitions
the fans will be all over the chairman for selling to a rival club.
also bringing in new players will be harder because of the selling of kane means they have to hit the ground running and maybe spurs would not be seen as a big club just a selling club.
this is why the price of buying a player from a rival club is so far from the real value

also kane to city could mean he was cheap as chips if we win the champions league and other stuff
so the price has to be broken down over the 5 years or so he plays and in what city win

for me £150milion was the price both city and spurs could live with and maybe both benefit from

The slaughtered lamb

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6 May 2014
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I archived this if anyone wants a read.

If there is anything I am confident about it's that the club know all about his injury record (such as it is)
and are not concerned. I think the price is 135million btw. No inside info. Not itk. Just an edumacted guess.
30+ games missed with ankle injuries. It’s an issue but not huge. He won’t have to carry us like he did Spurs.

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