Harry Kane


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5 Aug 2008
Yeah, and all the other of the great #10. ..and by the way, only Messi sell more shirts in the US than Pulisic, so its not that strange that he got #10.
Pulisic is the US's best player so that's hardly surprising is it. The greats from yesteryear wore 10 because they didn't have names on the shirts.

The most marketable player of the early 00s was Beckham. Is he Beckham7 or Beckham23 or is he just brand Beckham


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17 Dec 2013
Just like you know girl bob is indeed a man?

Give over you pleb, I wouldn’t mind if this was intellectual but I’m clearly dealing with a half head, tell us again about the premise of this deal breaker around the number.....
It about money Zin, the number merely being the excuse to squeeze us. And we’ve taken the bait with a counter offer.

You did used to talk about Tolmie being your brother a lot though to be fair mate. Not sure why

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