Harry Kane

deano ou812

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14 Jul 2009
In the dugout....
Colossal fuck up from Levy. Shrewd businessman my arse.
Spot on,his stubbornness has been his undoing,thought he had pulled a master stroke holding out for the £120mill or whatever it was,thought City would cave in and pay up,now he has a player going off the last couple of games who just doesn’t want to be there..I couldn’t care if we did go in for him in January but it would be on our terms this time,£60 mill max take it or leave ..

Boo or Boo-urns

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23 Sep 2020
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The only striker to be awarded a goal post match because he sweared on his daughters life.

The only striker in the EPL to actually put a monitary value of his worth for a potential transfer.

The only striker in the EPL to hire a PR company to then later announce he's the one calling off a transfer.

In short he is a c****
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Tevez City

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9 May 2010
Spurs won their game against City without Kane

Lost against Arsenal with Kane

In the past few games against Spurs, City only lose when Kane is not playing.


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8 Oct 2008

"Hi Daniel."

"£80mill + add ons, take it or leave it again."


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28 Aug 2005
Kane is a big problem right now ? spurs have a player that is not giving his all and wants out but its gone
the spurs manager now will have a big problem keeping his job if things keep on happening like today

levy the chairman cost his team any chance of a top 6 finish with not selling kane and building a team with the new manager with the money ? they could have signed somebody like danny ings for £25million even ronaldo for around the same money. then add to the squad with the rest of the money

having watched city vs chelsea would kane have made much difference ? could he do the press like jesus foden grealish KDB silva did that won us the game ? there is not worst that a striker turning off and just going through the motions

David Silva

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24 Jun 2010
I really hope we aren’t back in for him in Jan or Summer. Not so much his current form, but how could we ever press with the intensity we did on Saturday with Kane leading the line? Our entire front 5 were everywhere. Kane looks like he can’t move these days.

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