Harry Kane


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7 Jun 2009
There is nothing to distance ourselves from. Would mean nothing if we did. Means nothing if we don't. Focus is on CL, no need for any other noise just now for the club.

Btw, Kane's comments have been taken a little bit out of context. He was asked 'which player we would most like in his team' when he spoke of KdB. Similar, but it has been rewritten into he wants to playnfor city with kdb. It was deliberate, if course, and the implication is the same. The strengrh of it is not, and has snowballed a bit. Like the rest of the bits in his interview. For me at least.

My point is that if Kane was definitely going to United and we were being labelled as favourites every day in the press (as we are) we would definitely have briefed by now or at least given a steer to a few city Journos that we aren’t involved, as we did with Mendes.

I know the context of what Kane said about De Bruyne as I’ve seen the whole interview but you just don’t say that the one player you feel would improve your game is KDB if your on the verge of signing for the rags and you certainly don’t say Foden is playing for the best team in the world.

I’m not saying he will definitely come here, just that it’s clearly not v close being done with the rags as the other lad has heard.


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1 Aug 2019
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stupidity is my middle name

Why would a player go from City to Spurs when Spurs look hopeless even with Kane in there? Both Sterling and Jesus could go to a CL team, in England or Spain or Italy, a team with much better chances to compete. It's amazing that some people couldn't see things from their perspective. Next year Sterling and Jesus will be one year away from leaving on free and could attract interest from much better clubs than Spurs. It's brainless to think they will accept a move to Spurs.


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1 Sep 2008
Beckenham, Kent
Was told in the boozer on friday that kane has hired a bodyguard to mind him in manchester from a guy who works for the same company don't know how true it is or the name of the company but the guy was adamant he was coming to Manchester very soon but where???
Manchester's gone to the dogs in 40 years or else us Southerners have got wimpier (you choose).
I didn't need a bodyguard when I moved up in the late 70s/early 80s.

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