Harry Maguire found guilty in Greece


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10 Sep 2016
It’s all very odd this gets arrested Friday then 24 hours later it’s reported his sister was allegedly stabbed in the incident. Surely that would have been reported in the first instance?

It’s PR genius from the rags and will get their lemming fans who read the daily mail, the sun etc into believing Maguire was defending the honour of his sister from some rowdy City fans chanting obscenities about Munich. Is Allistair Campbell doing some freelance work for the rags? This is straight from his spin playbook.

I call bollocks also.

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9 Mar 2007
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I haven't read any reports from the RDAHMeedya, and I probably won't, but does anyone know whether they have slipped into a report on 'Arry's fore-shortened holiday such phrases as 'wanton thuggery', 'lager lout behaviour', 'appalling example' or 'most unsuitable role model'? I suspect not, but I will desist from holding my breath.


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25 May 2008
If you Tolerate this...
Team supported
Then your Children will be next..
You missing the main incident that a lot have fallen for with the media in this country being paid of to turn the narrative yet again towards us! Maguire and his other 2 mates hit and kicked a policeman then tried to bribe them to Keep quite! This is what the media are not splashing all over the front pages!
Very well said.the bbc were slow even to mention the incident intially....
And then when they did,they failed to report the attempt to bribe police.
Thats the cutting edge bbc for you......rag propoganda machine and jimmy savilles employers for over 4 decades

Turning back to Maguire,it is now being advanced that he didnt know that they were police when he attacked them.....i trust he subsequently realized they were cops when he tried to bribe them?

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