Hillsborough - 35 years ago today


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18 Mar 2015

To the 94 people who died on the day and the three who lost their lives in the decades since. All of them wrongfully killed, all of them tarnished by the police, government, and media in the aftermath.

The cruel legal fight those families and relatives had to endure just to get some kind of justice for their loved ones remains something that boils my blood to this day. Anne Williams in particular deserved so much more.

And Hillsborough's still not safe or fit for purpose. Just ask any Newcastle fans who went there in January 2023.

It's important to remember that it could have been any of us. Had we beaten Brentford in the earlier rounds it very easily could have been City fans in the Leppings Lane End. Nobody, absolutely nobody, deserves to go to a football match and not come home.
We were away at Blackburn for a 4 nil tonking. I remember listening to what had happened on BBC Radio on a car radio in the pub car park after the match. The lies about the dippers storming a gate had already started.

I think what has unfolded in the years since have shown how we as football fans were treated by the authorities in that era. It showed how we were all thought of as scum. Unfortunately, it took an incident like this to initiate the changes that were required to get to a situation where football fans could be treated properly.

At the time I had very little sympathy as it seemed that Karma had caught up with the feral scum
Then I came to realise that it was purely innocent football supporters who were crushed to death. People who were there early to take their place to watch a game of football, but I'd been so brainwashed by the media and our government into believing it was entirely Liverpool supporters fault that I couldn't change my opinion of that it was ticketless supporters who were totally to blame
A number of years ago an LFC supporter was on here looking for support when they were appealing for a new enquiry
I read and took on board everything he said and my views of the tragic events of that day totally changed and I signed his petition
RIP the 96

My views now align with the following message I received following Liverpool supporters setting their own city on fire after winning the prem

I am sure those Liverpool fans aren’t the only bellends that follow clubs. But I have seen this sort of thing with LFC fans before. In Barcelona and Basel and at the parade last year. They think they can do whatever they want and won’t get punished and the Club need to call it out because it is getting out of hand and giving us a bad name and rightly so. I was in the seats above the pens at Hillsborough and saw what happened. I also had to get through the pissed up thousands outside with no tickets trying to force their way in. My take on Hillsborough is a bit different from the majority of Liverpool fans and not that popular. There was blame on all sides but the avoidance of accountability and the length of time to get to the truth is the shameful part and you have to respect the families and Dalglish for fighting to get justice. It was tragic and a tragedy. The new generation of fans need to respect the memory of the 96 and act accordingly rather than using it as an excuse to justify their perceived victim status which they wear as a badge.
An awful day, truly awful.

We had come back from Everton's semi-final. We had heard things, some people had radios, there was mention of deaths, but it never really sank in. We had no real idea what had really gone on until we arrived back in Liverpool. The sadness was beyond imaginable.

Let's be honest, I feckin hate LFC, but I will always support them with Hillsborough.
I was on exercise in Germany, stood down at the weekend as no tracked vehicle movements were allowed. I was listening to the radio waiting for the football to start, “Good Thing” by the FYC’s was playing and was cut short to report that something was going off at Hillsborough, it was the day after my 21st birthday. At first we all just assumed it was fans kicking off which was hardly a rarity in the eighties.

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