Holidays abroad unlikely this year


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12 May 2011
I go away on the 2nd!! Hope they announce early so it comes in from the 1st.

Apparently they are gonna give at least a weeks notice, so any changes should be communicated before'd hope. But what the Gov say and what the Gov do can be wildly different!

The poster asking about the day 2 test, just get the reference for the PLF, nothing else matters.
It's all a total con and no-one will give a fuck that the test was never done or sent off.

I never did my day 2 test after Porto.....not a peep from anyone.
Came back from Zante on Sunday, my day 2 test still hadn't arrived despite ordering it on the 19th August and them claiming it would be delivered on the 26th.....nothing again.
If you're double jabbed and returning from green/amber, you're basically paying for a reference number, it's a joke.

The irony is I returned from Zante feeling a little unwell, which went downhill fast as the day went on and by the time I got home I was fucked. So I actually could've done with my day 2 test being there ready for me to take.
Instead I had to order an NHS one on Monday, delivered and returned Tuesday and I'm awaiting the result from that.
Haven't been in work all week obviously and in no mans land until I get the result. Feeling better than start of the week but not 100%.

I've been testing negative on LFTs, and also tested negative in Zante on Saturday afternoon, so it might not be Covid. But by Sunday evening when I was home it did feel almost identical to the feelings/symptoms I had back in March 2020 when I picked it up so who knows?


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10 Feb 2021
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Manchester city
The half term get away could become a whole lot easier..apparently Turkey looking like amber on Thursday..Happy days

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6 Aug 2010
Lad who cuts my hair came back from his holiday start of August his 2 day test never turned up, paid £35 each for his family, no one had chased him up about it, I told him to claim his cash back. Apparently rang track and trace anonymously and explained what happened they said oh well take an nhs one if it’s negative carry on! Fucking joke, bin the lot of them, he also said no one checked anything on his way back at the airport abroad.
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