Hottest Match Ever - City v Arsenal


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30 May 2011
Neither here nor there!
No, not a thread with pictures of scantily clad women, instead, this from the Guardian:

Finished the match with 5 fit men, christ haha. I assume going to the gym for us then was necking a few pints and pies. Pretty sure we can pin this one on Sterling tbh, i mean how does a man who bought socks at primark live with himself when he see's the results of his actions in such sharp relief. Sack Pep, give it Giggsy til the end of the season. I hope we have a banner being made pronto as well :-D

Cheers for the link. It must have been hell playing in that. Only once have i played in heat so bad if death had taken me i would have gladly given myself.


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17 Nov 2015
I can imagine the half time refreshments.. 11 bottles of slightly cool Watneys pale ale.

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