How do you assess our transfer business so far?

Manc in London

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6 Aug 2008
I disagree. Mahrez goes missing and plays for himself, Jesus is bang average imho and Sterling while great misses too many big chances. Kane bale son trumps them 3, the dippers front 3 does Chelsea have great options and I think Greenwood Rashford martial is a good front three simply because them 3 are all pacy as hell and defending against pace is a nightmare. What we have now doesn’t compare to previous options. Losing sane and Silva is huge

But none of those teams have players of KDBs ability providing the ammunition to their front three.

Semper aggressus

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19 Sep 2019
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Manchester City
I’m going into this season and thinking we won’t win the league.
It’s the first time I have felt this way in probably 8 years r so.

I am hugely underwhelmed by our activity in the market so far.

we need reinforcements and we just haven’t got them coming from youth, so buying is the only option.

a striker is a must

another cb is vital

another holding midfielder is essential.

I just don’t get the lax actions of the club

Sums it up for me. I've actually had a punt on us finishing outside top 4 this season, at least a bit of cash will soften that blow should it arise.


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25 Jun 2020
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Manchester City
Something doesn't feel right. Have we promised UEFA we won't spend much money to keep on their good side,
or is it definitely peps last season and thoughts of bank rolling a new manager next season? We have a fantastic business model as a club but we all know that we need to strengthen this team. If we spend little or vast amounts we will get slagged for being Manchester City anyway, so my attitude would be fuck them all and spend heavily to ensure we smash this league and win it back, especially if it is to be peps last season, i'd hate it for him to go out with a whimper


5 Dec 2015
I'm excited to see Torres and Ake this season but apart from that this window has been yet another let down at this moment.

We have failed to address the biggest problems in the team again which is both CB and LB. These positions have been crying out to us for 3 seasons now! (We got away with winning the treble with Mendy, Zinchenko and Delph at LB - that's all I need to say.) Even before Kompany left we needed another CB because of his injury worries and that should have been #1 priority. Without a leader on the pitch, there isn't much organisation and when things go pear shaped there is nobody who can bring that composure to the side in those vital moments.

Txiki needs to get a grip, his failure to sell on surplus players i.e. Garcia, Gundogan, Otamendi, Angelino, Zinchenko etc. I could go on, we never get any decent fees for our players - they either run down their contracts or leave for peanuts. If it wasn't for us signing Mahrez two seasons back (not needed in my opinion) then I reckon Leroy would still be here and him/Sterling would be the best wing paring in the world (Like we saw back in 17-18 season)
At this moment in time I worry for the team, there are too many areas where additions/replacements are needed. We need to be buying/selling smart, Liverpool have done it very well recently with selling Coutinho. Jesus is all alone again up front, Aguero unfortunately we can't rely on anymore - I think this will be his last season with us. Replacing Silva is never going to be easy, one in a million player but if we can someone with half his ability then we have done well.
I fear for us, especially with Chelsea and Liverpool strengthening this window. I really hope we can turn it around in the last two weeks or I feel it will be another depressing season (Like Pellers last season in charge).

s1ty m

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26 Dec 2008
I'd not be surprised if City finish 5th. It's been deeply unimpressive this window and problems we had are still there. It's the least optimistic I've felt in a decade.


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4 Jun 2009
Purely looking at our squad last season and the issues caused by Sané’s injury, Laporte’s injury and Kompany’s departure then Ake, Torres and either Koulibaly or Kounde is a decent window.

However we’re looking at overhauling a Liverpool side that cruised to the title and have started to strengthen. Behind us Chelsea finished 4th and invested heavily, Arsenal who have a decent manager and are adding quality and United who will no doubt invest in the next fortnight. In that context we appear to be standing still.

We are facing what is likely to be a shorter, very intense season that will test the squad depth of every club. A 2-3 week lay off could be 6 matches missed. Ordinarily we should be better placed than most but it’s clear we have issues in certain positions- left back, cover for Aguero and in midfield, the loss of Silva will be heavily felt if anything happens to KDB.

So looking ahead to this season we appear to be crossing our fingers and hoping, certainly not based on experience, that we don’t suffer injuries in key positions. To me that sounds like an incredibly risky strategy.


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24 Jul 2017
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Manchester City
Let's take the squad for what it is rn. Ignoring the chance of going far in CL, and let's say, Aguero does stay fit and Jesus stays ahead. How badly could we do?


Full backs:

Centre halves:

Rodri, Gündogan, KDB, Bernardo Silva*, Foden.
Fernandinho*, Zinchenko*

Mahrez/Ferran Torres/Raheem/Jesus*/Bernardo Silva*


* Players who can be accommodated elsewhere than their expected role.

Tommy Doyle and Harwood-Bellis as the academy lads training with first team. Same with Braaf but I'm not aware what his status exactly is with squad.

Is this a potential title winning squad?

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