How many fans lost?


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31 Jul 2009
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What people say they’ll do and what they end up doing are often two different things. I swore I wouldn’t turn on the TV for farcical games without crowds. Well, maybe our games. Well, maybe other games that seem crucial. Or potentially interesting. Or happen to be on.
Strange. Im the exact opposite and I would always have a game on the TV even if I wasn’t directly watching . Nowadays , it’s an effort to even watch City . This year I’ve watched the Wolves game, half of Liverpool and about an hour v Tottenham . I’ve not seen a minute of anyone else, just highlights here and there .
Soulless training games will never interest me .
Although I did enjoy the FA Youth Cup Final .


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3 Jun 2009
Heard that for LIverpool's next home game only 6,000 applied for tickets. Of course in their case could also be the affect of international travel.

Whilst Covid will be a valid reason behind this, footballing bodies also should not be hiding behind that fact to ignore that VAR has had a big effect also, as has the fact that quality levels have dropped due to inadequate preperation time and pointless international friendlies.

Be interesting to see the effects, surely reducing prices to encourage higher attendances has to be on the agenda. It could go either way, if they maintain prices then lower earning but more traditional match goers may lose out, and stepping into that void will be, I would argue, less passionate and hospitality supporters.

My fear would be that greed has shown itself king in the world of football time after time. For the Premier League in particular, as king of all the domestic leagues at least financially, the risks are there to lose its crown and become a much less attractive proposition for fans and investors alike. For lower and less well off leagues, the threat is their very existence.
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14 Sep 2010
I won't be renewing mine or my boy's.

Financial circumstances will dictate that for many in the post-Covid era.

Messi arriving would obviously play in a lot of minds, but unless he is also offering to pay for people who can no longer afford to go, there will be plenty of fans, young and old, prioritising their cash.

I won't be lost, but will become a City card holder and go with my lad as and when I can afford to or a game that can't be missed.

I quite like the idea of going again because I want to, rather than feeling obligated because you have paid for a season-ticket.

No more shitty kick-off times to be dictated by.
This is what i`m going to do , probably just do cup games.


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26 Jul 2005
@mcfc_lw /
I think I actually prefer being in the ground and not knowing what the fucks going on, I'd rather presume that a player was offside by 2 foot than the last few months of being lay on the sofa and seeing someone being offside by a toe nail.

I can't imagine not renewing when it's available personally, despite the great financial benefit I've felt these last 9 months without watching City.

Whether or not

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29 Sep 2019
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I might have an interesting choice, of whether I still like going to the games enough to keep working. What I have realised since March is that when you remove the huge amount i spend watching City, I can afford to retire early. Ummhh.


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23 Sep 2010
I have found life extremely dull since March and been embroiled in too many “family time” activities for my liking! Therefore I shall be back, if only to escape for a few hours.

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