How rubbish are international breaks?

Discussion in 'General football forum' started by Pam, 7 Oct 2017.

  1. nico1


    2 Nov 2008
    I can’t say I agree that international breaks are rubbish. The wife and I have just returned from a weekend trip to Paris and had a wonderful time.
  2. zandvoort blue

    zandvoort blue

    18 Jun 2005
    On the beach...
    Another blank week-end in the middle of November for another couple of pointless internationals. Is there any surprise the clubs complain about fixture congestion as that`ll be 3 months running we`ve lost a week of domestic playing time.
  3. CityInWashingtonState


    5 Aug 2017
    The latest break was absolutely awful - as most sides had already qualified for the WC - football fans were served up (mostly) a fare of "friendlies" - in the middle of club seasons with nothing internationally on the line. The friendly games were both uninformative (i.e., no conclusion whatsoever could be drawn about which of the sides were better, as many first team members did not play and those on the field for the most part, didn't try) and boring. You'd think that fringe players would have gone all out to prove something, leading to some excitement - but what happened in most every game, was anything but this - boring, uninterested play - with the main goal being to avoid injury.

    Several world cup births were at stake among these fixtures - but nearly all of the fixtures were cautious, low scoring, very boring matches.

    Thank God this international break is over - I can't wait for the PL to resume, with something tangible - huge stakes for success, players and managers alike - on the line.
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  4. Blue Til Death

    Blue Til Death

    9 Jan 2013
    Sat on the Blue Moon looking down at the rags
    Watching most Internationals is like waiting for the proverbial busses to arrive but they never do, so at no point do you feel satisfied, also they are normally ruinous for City players and injuries too..... Ban the fuckers I say..!
  5. KS55


    14 Oct 2016
    Didn't watch a single minute in this last break.
    Luther fucking Blisset !
    Nuff said.
  6. Psychedelic Casual

    Psychedelic Casual

    1 Sep 2016
    I like the breaks.

    I don't watch the international friendlies so i don't get bored watching them, it saves me money and in the week leading up to the next City game i'm more excited than usual for the game to come round
  7. OhForAGreavsie


    13 Nov 2014
    I hate these breaks too but we have only ourselves to blame for the fact that Blatter's power grabbing scheme remains in place.

    The obvious solution to these blights on the football season is to scrap them, allow the domestic season to run uninterrupted and therefore be completed in a shorter time. That would mean the club program could start later, first week in September, and end sooner, second week in May. This leaves room for an international season during which qualifying/tournaments can happen. Better for the clubs, better for the international teams which get to spend more time together and better for fans who get to enjoy their national competitions, then concentrate on their international teams.

    This eminently sensible idea was rejected by Blatter on the grounds of cash flow. He said that smaller nations can't afford to wait 45 weeks between international 'seasons' without the income generated by staging internationals. This is nonsense of the highest order. Sponsorship and television payments can easily be structured to be paid in 10 installments and matchday revenues gathered during the international program gets those FA's through the rest of the year.

    So why is it our fault that these breaks continue? We all moan, well most of us do, but we do nothing about it. We still watch and we still buy international tickets. If we stopped doing those things, as I have, they'd soon have to respect our wishes.
  8. purplenose


    25 Oct 2015
    The Deep South of Cheshire
    I have no problem with them in general and enjoyed watching a promising couple of England performances. However what is needed is a big restructure of international football and an acceptance that endless fixtures against against the international equivalent of League 1/2/national league and below opposition is not going to inspire people in major football nations to attend these games or even watch them on TV.

    Imagine if City only played the likes of Chelsea Liverpool or the huge pile of excrement in a competitive match once or twice every couple of years at best? That is what UEFA/FIFA are doing currently. There needs to be some equivalent of the pyramid introduced, England v Germany and Brazil needs to happen more often and in competition football.
  9. Magicpole


    30 Sep 2016
    It's even worse when your arse has already been booted out of even a play off game.

    At least you qualified.
  10. Grassland Blue

    Grassland Blue

    25 Mar 2016
    As long as one of the teams is England the game will not be exciting.

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