Huge fortnight ahead

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Thaksinssoldier, 22 Oct 2017.

  1. peace frog

    peace frog

    9 Jan 2009
    wonderland ave
    pitches are usually brilliant all year round nowadays ,its not like back in the day when they played on a potato field.

    we will be fine, injuries may cause a wobble but we look pretty dam good at the moment.
  2. malg


    16 Apr 2010
    111 this time around
    Personally, and obviously this is only my opinion, I think some of our fans are getting carried away. I'll wait until the Christmas fixture list is done with and then start talking about records and goals........or more than likely I'll then say 'let's wait until the end of March before getting carried away'........then I'll say 'remember when we were 8 points behind with 6 games to go, let's not get carried away until it's mathematically certain'......then I'll say. 'don't get too carried away with winning the league, we need to consolidate it by winning back to back titles'

    Never happy.........
  3. Luke The Blue

    Luke The Blue

    5 Jan 2009
    In The Kippax
    I know we should take it game by game but like the op said it's a massive 2 weeks, it would be a massive confidence boost to open up a decent gap this early on in the league.

    I also want a spurs win... mourinho will start sulking and throwing his players under the bus and he will start to fall out with his players. Typical mourinho this is why I didn't want him.
  4. Millwallawayveteran1988


    23 Sep 2010
    It's a big couple of weeks but the reality is that even if we only win 5 and draw 3 of our next 10 games, we will still be well placed to win the league. It's not vital but would do some damage to the others if we could win say 8/10. Hard to keep up with that.
  5. BlueAnorak


    31 Oct 2010
    City NEVER win anything easily - ever.
    There is a long way to go.
    One game at a time is the mantra. We will drop points sooner or later. If we drop less points and have a better goal difference at the end of the season then we will win the Premier League.
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  6. mag


    23 Oct 2014
    What the ...

    I’m shitting myself here for tomorrow game ... if we play full strength I’m worried they have played three tough games in a week and Napoli second half and the way against Burnley showed legs tiring ... if we make wholesale changes Wolves are no mugs and sitting at the top of Championship ... they’re are bringing more than 6k tomorrow and will be well up for it ...

    So I can’t even stop worrying about the supposedly lowly side in a lowly cup tomorrow ... and you guys are running way ahead past Wolves and past even West Brom (never an easy away game) into next week and where we’d stand when we beat Arsenal? Seriously???

    Lock this thread now!!

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