Hurghada, Egypt - anyone been?


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5 Sep 2008
The girlfriend has booked us for 10 nights and it's not the usual sort of holiday I like to go on to be honest. There doesn't seem to be much to do and places of interest like Luxor take half a day to get to.

Having said that, the hotel looks okay and I am looking forward to abusing the all inclusive booze and having a snorkel.

Anybody been? Keen to know what the town is like. How much is a beer? Taxis? Is there anywhere to watch City?



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15 Jul 2008
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When are you going mate? We are booked in the 'Jungle Aqua Park' at the end of June. Never been before but i've read about 50 reviews with very good comments , the only negative comments were about the rudeness of the Russian holiday makers and flies.


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2 Mar 2011
I went a couple of years ago,great hotels but the old town is a shit hole, they have built a newish shopping centre for tourists,better off going there.i got a business card for a taxi driver with a pic of a c class merc called him up and he came to my hotel in a shagged out old peaugot estate,he took us to Luxor and within an inch of our lives for fifty quid...this was in february best time to go before the real summer heat kicks in.
i found the Egyptians to be wonderfully mad as fuck,but very friendly .hurghada is ok for a beach holiday stick around the hotel kind of place.take a trip out into the dessert if you get chance and the boat rides out to the reefs are great for snorkling.


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13 Feb 2008
Not been to Hurghada mate but just back from Sharm last week.
Stayed at the Royal Albatros Moderna Hotel.
The Hotel staff were brill and very friendly,take some £1 coins to tip them and they will look after you.
The Russians there were a nightmare.Boshie,rude fuckers to say the least.All the blokes had mulletts and the ladies paraded around in badly fitting tracksuits !!
The complex was fab but once you got outside the gates it looked like a bomb had gone off-total shithole !!
We all come back with the shits even though the scran,drinks etc were spot on.
Mind you the water comes out of tap piss coloured so well avoid that !
Other than that enjoy.


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29 Jan 2010
Its Guinness time any day of the week.
Went last Jan/Feb and its hotter than Sharm at this time of the year.This was our fisrt visit to Egypt and we were there in the middle of the riots but over 250 miles away.
Depends what you want in a holiday.We enjoy the sun,so ideal for us but not a great deal going on outside of the complex/hotel at night.
We had a two day stay in Luxur and is a must if you like sightseeing and the Valley of The Kings and Queens is superb.Another great day out is taking a boat to a small island in the Red Sea and doing some snorkelling.
The Egyptians in our hotel were wonderful to any Brits who were there and they are forever cleaning.
Are you looking at going all inclusive ?

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