I’m A Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here!

I’m hoping a tribe of cannibals take Farage, ok they might not like the rancid racist and facist meat, but the cooking of him would be great tv.
Each to their own but I find reality TV an abomination. Shows like this are built on a foundation of cruelty because, ultimately, it's exploitative; if the possibility of the contestants breaking mentally didn't exist, neither would the shows.

On top of that, it's painfully shit television.
I'm browsing BM as Mrs Kippax is watching it.
It fucking creasing me just being in the same room within earshot of the utter shite
Watched that series many times over, they’re trying to get Hillsborough in the National Curriculum for school children. This series should be shown in schools and kids educated on the cause and consequence of an horrific conflict. Episode 20, Genocide is probably one of the most powerful programmes I’ve ever watched on TV.

Could do one about WW1 as well which was just as brutal in its own way.
The one about WW1 is almost as good.Made in the 60’s iirc

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