I sense trouble on Thursday

old blue

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6 Aug 2006
What to do with our feral friends, perhaps if their manager of the century Herr Sute condemned the anarchy they might behave. Probably.

King KdB of Belgium

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1 May 2018
Why should Here Jurgen Klopp say anything to Livarpool fans to behave themselves. The only time that he has said anything to Livarpool fans about their behaviour was before our Champions League match against us.

This is the time he told them to give us a hostile welcome. Well that is just what they did. So why should he tell them to behave themselves by staying home. I am sure that he hasn't realised that what happened was because of what he said.

I wonder if the same thing happened to Livarpool on one of their away games. So that some of their players got injured. He might then realise what he said before our Champions League clash may have caused the Livarpool fans behaviour that day.

Blue Mist

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14 Aug 2005
you dont have to live next door to me
Team supported
just give me equality
Do GMP still have the Tactical Aid group ? If so I can see a training exercise being planned for Thursday night, 'Right lads, for todays exercise I want you to hit anything red'. The Sprats of Shinkley are allowed to stand on cop vans in dipperland and get away with violent disorder in their feral city but Manchester cops tend to get annoyed at that sort of behaviour.

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