Icelandic Volcano Part 2


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27 Jun 2009
Here, there, and every fucking where
Brace yourselves. Over 50,000 earthquakes in 3 weeks and it’s finally stated erupting.

After several weeks of heightened seismic activity on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula, a volcanic eruption has finally begun, not far from the island nation’s capital city.

The Icelandic Meteorological Office reported Friday night that the eruption had begun on the small mountain of Fagradalsfjall.

The development also spurred local authorities to change the volcanic flight color code to red for the first time in years, which indicates that an eruption is occurring.

The eruption is located in the middle of the peninsula, which connects the capital of Reykjavik to the Keflavik International Airport near its tip. The area is also near the popular Blue Lagoon hot springs resort, although there is no indication yet of any people or property being at any risk

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