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28 Jun 2007
I've been thinking about Haaland coming, and the goals we hope he will get for us, which led me to thinking about the goals other players have scored, and in particular the really iconic goals. If you had to choose just one goal from each player that you would say 'that's the best/most important/most iconic' goal they ever scored for us, or which goal just typifies what they did in a City shirt, what would it be?

Here are my choices.

1. Sergio Aguero. This one's a no brainer, it's THAT goal against QPR. The others are more difficult.

2. Paul Dickov. See 1 above, only substitute Gillingham for QPR.

3. Vincent Kompany. I thought about the Leicester goal but decided in the end it's the header in the 1-0 win against the rags in Mancini's title season.

4. Yaya Toure. Lots more to choose from. The FA Cup winner or the semi final winner are both up there, and that worldie against Sunderland in the Carabao cup final gets a shout, but for me it's the solo goal against Villa in the 13/14 title run-in. He looked like the big kid running through a load of little kids in the playground. That to me sums up what Yaya was all about at his best - unplayable.

5. David Silva. Again, so many to choose from. Never scored a really crucial goal in the mould of the Aguero winner or the Kompany rocket, but contributed so many goals. My choice would be a goal away at Blackpool when he turned inside two or three players before sending a curler into the far corner. Fairly early on in his City career - told us much about who we had signed.

6. Edin Dzeko. Thought about the header against QPR when we were 2-1 down, but decided to go for his equaliser against Notts County in the 3rd round of the FA cup. We were 10 minutes away from being knocked out, but after he equalised we went on to win the cup. Getting that monkey off our backs was so important.

7. Elano. Got to be that free kick against Newcastle.

8. Robinho. That chip in the 3-0 win against Arsenal. Outrageous skill, and a glimpse of what might have been.

9. SWP. That thunderbastard for the fourth goal against the rags in a 4-1 win. 3-1 is a good win, but 4-1 is a proper thumping. Which they deserved.

10. The Goat. Embarrassing ratboy in the last Maine Road derby. Loved it when we booed all their players whenever they had the ball except for Neville, who we cheered.

11. Mario Balotelli. Might have been Why always Me, but in the end it's that off-the-shoulder number against Norwich. Not sure how many other goals City have ever scored with a shoulder. (Apart from the ones that were supposed to be headers.)

Speaking of Norwich, there's loads more players and loads more goals you could put in that list. What are yours?

Let's be having yer.
I would have Gundogan v Villa number 2.
Jesus against Southampton in there as well and Raheem's last kick winner against Southampton as well.
Nasri's goal against Sunderland another.


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6 May 2022
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Manchester City
Peter Barnes goal v Bristol City September 1977 was the first goal I ever seen at Maine road in a 2-0 win I was 7 years old and I was hooked from that moment on

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