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8 Jun 2007
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Why Manchester City's relegation is top of my Christmas wish list


By Ian Winwood 26/12/2008

Dear Santa Claus,

I hope you have had a good festive period, and had no problems breaking the light speed record in order that everybody in the world got their presents in time for Christmas morning.

I thought I’d leave my letter until today, when you are not so busy. You see, I’d like my Christmas present for this year to arrive in May, so timing is not so important this time round.

Santa, my request this year is quite simple: I was wondering if it might be possible for you to ensure that Manchester City are relegated from the Premier League?

I have been a good boy this year, and will continue to be a good boy in 2009. I even promise not to swear at the radio every time Alan Green describes a referee awarding a throw-in to the wrong team as “an absolute disgrace.”

My Christmas wish might seem like a strange one, so perhaps I ought to explain my reasons.

Basically, I would like Manchester City to be relegated the good of football itself. I have nothing against the second team in England’s third city, apart from the fact that they are the latest club to believe that the recipe for football greatness contains just one ingredient: money.

Down at the City of Manchester Stadium – the Middle Eastlands, if you prefer – there is crazy money – and with it, crazy talk. There’s mindless chatter of triumph and glory, of capturing every great football currently playing the game, just like those cartoon aliens did with basketball players in the film Space Jam.

There’s talk of £200,000 a week contracts, maybe more. It might not come to this, but you can bet your offshore holding account that Frank Lampard’s £130,000 a week at Chelsea will soon be eclipsed.

10 years ago, would you have believed that some players would be making a million pounds every eight weeks?

No? Well, what’s to say that these things won’t continue to defy belief?

I want Manchester City to be relegated simply because no one really believes that it can happen. Relegation doesn’t happen to the rich clubs, so it seems; it’s for the Stoke City’s and West Brom’s of this country.
Shit rag writer, on a shit rag paper. Nothing more than expected. Funny how it's been ok for Chelski and yernited to be rich and offering money to players though? Hypocrisy at it's best............
See the so called journalist doesn't have the guts to publish his email address. Pity !!

Just tried guessing it but it got bounced.
Dear Ian Winwood,

I read your wish-list and used it to wipe the shit from my arse after taking what was nearly as big a dump as what your letter contained.

Lots of love,

Santa xxx
Hot on the heels of last weeks Champs v Chumps headline.

I cannot understand why anybody would buy or read that paper.

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