If Celtic and Rangers were addd into the Premier League next summer,what would their potential be?

Discussion in 'General football forum' started by SambaStyle, 30 Aug 2019.

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    I obviously don’t agree with your assessment of Watford and think that has a lot to do with the overall perception of your teams as better than they actually are. The same happens with your national team who to me are nowhere near the level the hype surrounding them would suggest.

    And even if we did play Wolves and knocked them out, it would be no more than a cup shock, which again is rather condescending. The question then would be, so no matter what we did it would go down as a slip up rather than us being better.

    We play Reinnes on Thursday in France and I think they are a good team and it will be really difficult to get a result. We have brought in better defenders but this may not be enough, but I can only hope we cut out our suicidal tendencies in away games.

    On the question of would we improve and survive if we got into the EPL, I think we would. We would be able to attract a higher quality of player and added to what we have I would have no fear of holding our own. As this will never happen it will be solely down to how we perform in Europe that will get us any respect. We have been weakened in these last years with a defence that wasn’t worthy of the name. Hopefully we have improved here but having been handed our arses so many times, I won’t be claiming anything ridiculous. I just hope we put up a show, play some good stuff and get Fucking stuck in. If we make a **** of it, I will be gutted, but not surprised.

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