If we signed Guardiola, which players would thrive & struggle?


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6 Nov 2011
Guardiola obviously has a set style, which would benefit some and disadvantage others if we happened to sign him. Looking over the squad, those that spring to mind:


Nasri - Been in the shadows for a while now and despite being injured a bit I still feel he's sort of on the outer now. He's got a good engine and can really put in a shift when he wants, add to that he's one of the best in possession at the club. I can see Samir having a real renaissance if Guardiola were at the helm.

Fernandinho - He's already brilliant is most of our eyes but I think he'll take that to another level and actually become noticed by the football community as a world class player. He's got the touch, vision, passing ability and engine to be the heartbeat of a Guardiola side.


Yaya - Obviously there was a bit of a falling out with Guardiola from his time at Barca, there could still be tension there. He's starting to age and doesn't have the legs more Guardiola's intense pressing.

Bony - Just doesn't seem to be in sync with the team and has a style which doesn't suut possession football. His movement is poor and his touch is awkward. Although Pep has adapted to play a proper front man in Lewandowski at Bayern I doubt he'd be willing to use much of a target man like Bony.



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1 Aug 2015
If he comes it will be the beginning of a massive clear out.

Sagna, Navas, Caballero, Fernando, Kolo, Nasri, Mangala, Bony out as quickly as possible. Not good enough or reliable enough.

Zabs, Yaya, Clichy on borrowed time due to age. Yaya might even go into the first group if we get yet another summer of crap moaning from his agent.


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14 Sep 2015
Mangala, Fernando, Zaba, Sagna, Navas and Bony would all struggle IMO.

Nasri, Silva, Fernandinho, Sterling, Aguero, KDB and Otamendi would all thrive.

There's a possibility it would be the making of Mangala.
The Bayern way may suit de Bruyne and English football. The Barcelona way probably wouldn't.


They will all struggle if they dont get their heads around the fact that hard work will be required for 90 minutes and nothing else will do.

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9 Mar 2007
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I'm expecting PG to develop a 'new' Manchester style, IF HE COMES!!!!!! Every player has something to play for! But the next appointment, WHEN IT COMES (!!!!!!) should be for a minimum of ten years, assuming that the first nine are highly successful!

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