If we signed Guardiola, which players would thrive & struggle?


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27 Mar 2011
Mangala, Fernando, Zaba, Sagna, Navas and Bony would all struggle IMO.

Nasri, Silva, Fernandinho, Sterling, Aguero, KDB and Otamendi would all thrive.

Zabaleta! what a joker, Guardiola loves attacking fullbacks, and zaba's play in and around the box makes him a definite RB option. Sagna on the otherhand, is in trouble unless he starts doing more in their half.

Navas would be fine. He'd do better even. Technically he is very good, his ball control, short passing etc. is better than most and he's played a big role in the tiki-taka Spanish team which basically slotted a few players around the existing Barcelona core.

Mangala could thrive, he's going to have a much better time when the entire 10 outfied players are part of the defense, and Pep makes sure the CB's get protection.

Importantly for both, Guardiola fills his players with confidence, which is what those two need more than anything.


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18 Jan 2012
Players that would thrive are the ones that can create by themselves and pass a ball, majority of first team can achieve this. Obvious players like Bony would struggle so would be out, along with players now getting a bit older. He would bring in new players to strengthen rather than a complete change over... First job would be to give us strike force because at moment we only have one striker, could see some of the young guys like kelechi thriving and maturing nicely.


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24 Apr 2014
If he comes it will be the beginning of a massive clear out.

Sagna, Navas, Caballero, Fernando, Kolo, Nasri, Mangala, Bony out as quickly as possible. Not good enough or reliable enough.

Zabs, Yaya, Clichy on borrowed time due to age. Yaya might even go into the first group if we get yet another summer of crap moaning from his agent.
Agree with this. + Demichelis released of course.


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27 Jan 2014
Its difficult to predict. He likes players with intelligence - those that read the game and can see a pass or a run very quickly - so Dave, Kev, Nasri, Yaya, Vinnie, Fernandinho, Sergio, maybe Oto. He also wants quick close control - Navas, Dave, Nasri, Sergio, Fernandinho and for them to work their bollocks off - Navas, Rahim, Fernandinho. So shove that lot into a ven diagram and the only player I think is an absolute natural for him is Fernandinho. The key question is how well will the squad take to his coaching methods and develop where their game is lacking. So will we see Sergio and Kev work harder defensively in closing down space. Will Raheem become more intelligent in his identification of half spaces. Will Mangala improve in his distribution and reading of a game? Will joe respond to being a sweeper keeper. Fact is none of us really have a clue as to how it will work out other than there is a core of players that he will build his team round initially- Dave, Fernandinho, Joe, Sergio, Kevin. I do think that our current full backs will struggle. Not because of any lack of ability but simply because of their age. I think in the first season, we may have some rocky results as the squad comes to terms with what will be a fundamental change in the way they play - imo more dramatic that the change when MP took over. We will need to be patient and maybe not expect that we will win everything in his first season.


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5 Jun 2009
Disagree with seemingly everyone with regards to Bony. He's struggling now under Pellegrini's "tactics" under Pep, he'd thrive, we'd actually play to his strengths. People are doing him a huge disservice to label him as simply a target man. Lewandowski has scored plenty of headed goals for Bayern, His Bayern team aren't his Barcelona team where the ball never leaves the floor, they put in plenty of crosses when the time is right and Bony would benefit hugely from them.

Can only think of two players that are questionable as to whether they would thrive under Pep. first is Yaya. It would be depending on what role he's given and whether he's willing to be disciplined enough to play that role. The second is Navas. Works tirelessly and would fit in in that regard but doesn't offer enough going forward, hugs the touchline and rarely moves, Peps Bayern wingers offer more than that, whether that's cutting inside for a shot and allowing the fullback the outside space or whether it's offering diagonal runs in behind. Navas currently offers neither.

Only other player is Hart. Not suggesting he'd be sold or anything but If he wants to play the high line he plays at Bayern, will he expect Hart to sweep like Neuer? Harts decision making in terms of when to come and when to stay is questionable.


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4 Feb 2014
Interesting topic. I feel being flexible and athletic will help a lot in being successful under Pep. I think the more obvious ones are Bony, Sagna, Fernando. One of Clichy/Kolarov will prob go and Mangala maybe although he may look better with a balanced side infront of him.

You'd think Nasri would thrive but he blows hot and cold attitude wise and not sure Pep will be admire that too much. I feel Yaya would be of use definitely.

Fernandinho would look great, as would Otamendi and Kompany. Silva and Aguero would fit in well in most places. The rest I feel will still be here and do well ( minus Demichelis and possibly Navas if Pep searched for a younger, more tricky productive winger or gave Roberts a chance.)

Oh and Denayer would look great as well.


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15 Jul 2008
Bluemoon Official Spanish Correspondent
Thrive: De Bruyne, Silva, Aguero, Fernandinho, Kompany, Toure, Hart, Navas, Kelechi

Struggle: Mangala, Fernando, Kolarov, Bony, Delph

Unsure: Sterling, Otamendi, Zabaleta, Sagna, Clichy, Nasri

I think the Spanish players will be familiar with his demands, Silva should be excellent, Navas probably won't start but will be a reliable squad option and probably utilised in a more effective way. Fernandinho should do well but that's dependant on who else comes in. I think Toure will play deeper much likes Alonso, or may even end up at centre back much like Mascherano or Javi Martinez (or like himself at Barca at times). The rest should all be fine.

Mangala is too poor with the ball to play in a Pep team for me. I consider Fernando, Bony and Kolarov to be sub par in our current set up. Delph is ok but he's not a Pep player so will struggle for games.

Nasri could go either way. On the ball he suits us, off the ball he doesn't suit a Pep team. Also fairly injury prone now. Sterling will suit Pep off the ball when the opposition have it, but not sure if he suits him on the ball or when we have it. Isn't technically very clean although has very obvious attributes as well. Out of the maybe list, he is the most likely to thrive. Otamendi is a tough one. I still think Yaya will play centre back so with a fit Kompany or the possibility of Pep buying, I don't know how often he will play. Most love him on here. I think he is fairly rash and makes a couple of shocking decisions almost every game. He isn't bad on the ball, but in by Pep standards, he still isn't good enough with it. Hopefully he proves me wrong because there's something really likeable about him and it is also difficult to judge a defender in our current set up considering how poor it is. Zabaleta and Sagna are both ageing and I suspect one night leave. Neither are particularly quick so who knows. Clichy is home grown so might stay by default and be a useful squad player. He's decent with the ball and athletic. I think if Pep comes in, we might see Bernat here or Gaya or maybe even Rodriquez at Wolfsburg.

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