In the deepest close season what are you up to?


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13 May 2011
The ashes being on will definitely help. 2 weeks in Ibiza in july will also pass the time and then when i get back its full swing into pre season and countdown to the 8th. Im not sure i can take another 7 weeks of the transfer forum so it better go quickly. God knows how many pages we will have of Sterling and Pogba by then.

Scaring Europe to Death

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31 Oct 2014
Cricket umpiring, but it never leaves you.

Last Saturday, an unsupervised small child in a City kit, started walking along the far boundary towards the main road.

“Is that your kid Dave?” shouted one of the fielders to the opening bowler.

“You must be F*** joking” replied the bowler. “My family wouldn’t be seen dead in a City kit”

Both batsmen (one of whom flew to Salonika with me) collapsed in hysterics.

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