Ince sacked possibility!

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by meldrew, 16 Dec 2008.

  1. meldrew


    12 Oct 2007
    Hattersley then Salford
    Heard from a colleague at work, word on the grapevine is he's been given his marching orders!

    Not long till we play them, happens everybleeding time!
  2. Goaters


    13 May 2006
    Yeah Sky sources are saying Ince is to be sacked this morning but who knows whether this is true. Was reading a article this morning that shows the supposed knowledgeable journos from the different papers declare what will happen.

    This reads

    The journalists at all the national newspapers in England seem to feel they have the inside story on Paul Ince’s future as Blackburn manager. Nearly all of them run a story and many of them contradict each other.
    The Sun takes a safe line by reporting that Chairman John Williams and his board met yesterday and he will inform Ince of his fate today.
    The Times confirms the board meeting yesterday and takes a similar safe option by saying Ince ‘could’ be fired today.
    The Daily Mail takes it a step further by saying that the board actually agreed a compensation package for Ince and will therefore definitely be sacked today. They go on to say that the board can’t decide whether to employ or short term or long term replacement. The favoured option, according to The Mail is for ex-boss Graeme Souness with Tugay working alongside him.
    The Daily Express disagrees with all this. They say that Williams actually met Ince yesterday and told him that defeat against Stoke next weekend will lead to him being sacked. They go on to say that the reason he is being given another game is because the board can’t decide who should replace him.
    The Daily Telegraph has given up on Ince altogether and have turned their attention to his replacement. They say that Sam Allardyce has ruled himself out to leave Roberto Mancini and Graeme Souness as the main contenders. They say that the board are not interested in Alan Curbishley.
    The Daily Mirror agrees that Souness is the first option but point out that he is going to the USA for a skiing holiday later this week.
    I guess we’ll just have to wait to see what happens
  3. DontLookBackInAnger


    2 May 2008
    and there goes another one of "the leagues brightest home grown managers"
  4. ultimateharold


    22 Aug 2008
    You are now conscious of your breathing.
    Sky news saying it's been done.
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