International Matches | 15th - 22nd November 2023

I saw the extended highlights, comical to say the least.

Foden is also different gravy. Also, those who like Saka and see this post, please tell me why do? He’s one selfish and one dimensional player.
He’s talented, but Arteta hasn’t coached him to be any better.

He's got his signature cut in in his left and curl the ball into the far post. A mirror image of Coutinho.
The end of the Kenny era
He was more or less crying in the interview after the game and admitted his tenure is over.

He hasn’t got a great pool to pick from, but look around Europe and teams with lesser panels are doing better. Luxembourg for example.
There’s the nucleus of an ok team there but they weren’t performing and could only pick up points against the real minnows of the groups.

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