International Matches | 6th - 15th October 2021 | South American qualifiers early hours of Friday (BST)


30 Dec 2007
The back of beyond
Wales are shite. Lucking Estonia are worse.
It's not a game for the purists. I'm nearly tempted to say that the tumble dryer rumbling away in the background is more interesting. Not that Wales will be bothered. And why should they be? The result is everything tonight.


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15 Jul 2015
Missed the debate on the Mbappé goal but I really think that goal should have been chalked off. An unsuccessful interception is not the same as "deliberately playing the ball" to me.

It just seems wrong to penalise a player for even attempting to cut out a pass, that was only going to send an offside player through on goal. It seems unreasonable to expect them to make that call in real time, when the referee and linesmen have trouble with it themselves.

If it doesn't already, that should should come under "deliberately saved by any opponent". Just as a ball that is heading goalwards can be cut out deliberately by a defender and the attacker would still be deemed offside, if he gains an advantage from an offside position when it was played.

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27 Oct 2020
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Manchester City
Spain v. France -UEFA Nation's League Final - Mbappe Goal
Taylor deemed that Spain defender Eric Garcia had extended a leg to deliberately touch the ball on its way through to Mbappe, thus rendering everything after that point a new phase of play. In short, Mbappe was onside and the goal was perfectly legitimate.

This sort of rule is bullshit. It punishes defenders for attempting to make a play when a foul (offsides) has been committed by the offense. This sort of call also occurs if a defender tries to head the ball away, but just gets a glancing header and an offside attacker is suddenly onside.
At any rate, I rather enjoyed the 2nd half of the final. France came to life and for me were the better side in the 2nd half - but Spain were dangerous as well.

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