Is Richard Dunne 'Done For' as captain?

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by mr t, 3 Jan 2009.

  1. ElanJo


    23 Aug 2008
    Not sat next to Eagle. Thank God!
    Give the job to Vinnie. Atleast the guy has some pride.
  2. gkelly1972


    18 Aug 2008
    Good sides are based on a strong central defenders, lads who can defend set pieces, scream and shout at those next too and infront of them, (Adams, Keown, Terry, Ferdinand (sorry mate), Laursen, I could go on...) We are fighting relegation but have +8 goals and 2 of the top ten top scorers? It's not rocket science, if you can defend, like we did until we lost Distin, you will do ok. Currently we cant defend set pieces, teams play for set pieces against us because they know they will get something. Dunn can defend when he has a player next to him who can control his defence and demand a response. I actually feel for Dunn because when he has to think he struggles. When he defends instinctively hes ok. Dunn and Richards as a partnership can never work because neither has the presence needed.
  3. n_mcfc


    2 Jun 2006
    Dunney is an easy target whenever we lose. Ask the majority of City fans why they suddenly can't stand him and it's often due to how much he gives the ball away. Now, Micah Richards is shit scared of passing a ball more than 10 yards which often leaves Dunney with ball at the back, struggling. Wind back 12 months, Didi Hamann played in the holding role in front of those 2, who were 'solid' last year, and didn't give the ball away half as much as they seem to do now. They need an option like Hamann in front of them ready to recieve the ball each time. Look at us last season after Xmas when Hamann was left out of the team, we couldn't build from the back like we'd done all year and it's happening again this year. It just shows how desperate we are for another midfielder.
  4. lastmanback


    24 Aug 2007
    stop for a minute and think, When did richard dunne make himself captain.
    did he beat everyone on the team in the race for the arm band. NO.
    some one called the manager decides the captain, so even if he is playing
    shit, it's not his fault he's made captain.

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