Is the game bent?

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  1. Gordyola


    8 Jul 2007
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    City of course
    only the top 4 were VAR games They only introduced it from the ECL knockout stages last season as a way to stop us


    19 Nov 2008
    93:20 May 13th 2012
    The game away at Shalke was VAR but according to them their was technical problems. Sorry forgot the rest wasn't.
    They were only the clowns standing beside the goal that seen Sterling getting wiped out from half a yard away.
  3. 7evens


    12 Nov 2018
    I think the game is bent but not in ways that any of us are ever allowed to see. VAR decisions, bad refereeing calls, all that, it's far too obvious, isn't it? If UEFA were really trying to fuck us over they'd have found more effective ways of doing so by now. Hell, FIFA could have made us walk the plank with over the youth transfer violations we've committed, but instead they've given us a fairly paltry fine and a slap on the wrist. UEFA might want to make an example of us over FFP, as they have done already in the past, but I don't think they're out to get us with refereeing decisions. For every decision we feel aggrieved by, every other team has one too. And for every decision fans of top teams feel aggrieved by, fans of mid-table and lower league clubs probably have tonnes. I'm not sure we'll ever reveal corruption in the game by scrutinising bad refereeing, it'll be in emails and documents that are hidden behind password protection and kept under lock and key, financial records we don't understand, all that.
  4. Newman Noggs

    Newman Noggs

    27 Dec 2009
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    City can't openly accuse the PL of cheating but, if I was in charge, I'd issue a statenent along the lines of;

    "Manchester City Football Club has become aware of rumours and speculation on social media concerning recent VAR decisions which have adversely affected the club. We would like to reassure our supporters and neutral football fans, that the club has complete faith in the integrity and transparency of the manner in which the Premier League and its referees are using the system. We have no doubt at all that there is no "manipulation" of results and that "these sorts of things will even themselves out over the course of the season""
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  5. Yes it is. No question.
  6. bluetonium


    24 Sep 2008
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    With the amount of money involved in, and to be made from, the premier League and uefa champions league, I'd be more shocked if they weren't a target for those looking to manipulate it.

    I can also understand that every time a team gets a decision they don't like, then they question inevitably pops up.

    The fact that the topic is largely ignored officially though is odd. Sure, they want to protect the brand and disassociate with such claims, you'd think, so why not tackle the subject head on? Or would that bring up too many dark areas?

    To control such a high profile event and ensure certain outcomes would be enormously difficult. VAR could aid in that, so what safeguarding happens? Are operators vetted?

    In markets where money can be made from almost anything, be it corners, winners, goals allowed it not allowed, specific events in specific minutes of a game, there is much protection needed against manipulation. Does it happen? Not sure, the governing bodies are too silent on it to make an informed opinion.
  7. chelseaaway84


    29 Apr 2009
    the premier league is desperate not to become Germany or Italy where the same team wins it every season, it has no respect for what Pep and the players achieve and how high they have raised the standard, everything will be done to stop us winning it
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  8. jimbo101


    27 Feb 2009
    Let's see what happens in a similar situation involving Liverpool.
    Will they get a late goal ruled out like that?
    Will they fuck.
    They'll get a few decisions against them when already 3-0 up, but real crunch decisions against them, against top opposition at home!
    Not a chance.
  9. Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

    Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

    9 Mar 2007
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    The performance of the officials on Saturday, the blind bat armed with a whistle and his oppo armed with a monitor, demonstrated at a couple of points in the game one or both of the following: gross incompetence or a complete misunderstanding of the word 'integrity'!
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  10. Fame Monster

    Fame Monster

    28 Jun 2009

    Same ref as Saturday but guess which one was given?
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