Israel-Palestine Conflict

Many people like myself just want peaceful coexistence and for mankind not to brought down to his\her bassist instincts

Agreed here. Unfortunately I think its going to go the other way for a while. mass migration that is going to be caused by climate change is going to hit hard and cause a shift to even more nationalism.
Interesting article from Haaretz from yesterday.

The Women Soldiers Who Warned of a Pending Hamas Attack – and Were Ignored​

Over the past year, the Israel Defense Forces’ spotters situated on the Gaza border, all women, warned that something unusual was happening. Those who survived the October 7 massacre are convinced that if it had been men sounding the alarm, things would look different today

“I told him there was going to be a war and we’re simply not ready,” she says, recalling the conversation. “That what’s happening with Hamas along the border fence is not normal. That they’re mocking the IDF, that our hands are tied and we’re not even [firing] warning shots.”

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