It's Quiet 17 - Glory Thread

Alan Harper's Tash

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12 Dec 2010
I'd be surprised if he's paid materially more than he is paid here.

He'll start a few more games but won't contend for trophies any longer.

As for family, well, his close family live near him and other family just a few hours away.

It's a short career and I think trading trophies for a few more starts is moronic. But that's just my view.
He may view it as a better chance of winning the Champions League.

Who knows?

He hasn’t looked happy for months, so if he goes, perks up and wins the World Cup for us, he’ll be immortalised.

He’s also privy to what we offered him and what Chelsea would offer. Therefore he will know what is possible to earn and where.


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24 Jul 2020
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Man city
If we don't replace Sterling and Jesus by bringing one winger in. and then go all in on Cucurella to me that means that LB next season is going to be a very very important position to how we play next season.


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7 Jan 2009
Do we replace Sterling this summer or next?

Or with Grealish and Foden have we replaced him already?


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28 Jun 2009
Literally no chance Salah leaves the dippers and even less of a chance that he comes here.

They won’t lose Mane and Salah in the same Summer and for it is, they may as well keep him and hope he signs a new deal between now and next Summer.

It’d be hilarious if he left. It’d be even funnier if he came to us but can’t see it happening, at all.

I’d love us to test the waters, mind, just to piss people off.

Press are already being briefed he may go.

He’s not taking their deal, he has a gun to their head now. Don’t be surprised if he goes with his name ran through the mud.

We’ve seen this before…

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