It's Quiet 17 - Glory Thread

Carlos- the- jackal

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17 Feb 2014
I’m not saying we are bad. Liverpool concede much more chances than we do from what I see, yet we have conceded the same haven’t we? They play a high line too. Pointless getting into it further when people can’t even look at the state each week. Look at the shots on goals conceded then look at what we’ve conceded. Ederson has saved 60 shots this season. Conceded 24. So pretty more than a quarter of shots on target have gone in. Yeah that doesn’t account for unstoppable goals but also doesn’t account for fluffed pea rollers he will save with ease.
I know all the stats pal, you can point them out all you like the bottom line is we will be champions for the 4th time in 5 seasons, can we impove? of course we can, czn Ederson improve? of course he can but he is key to the way we play, i wouldn’t swap phim for anyone else, i’ll leave it that.

Blue and true

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13 Feb 2015
It's a shame we appear to be losing both he and Ferna in the same summer. That's a lot of upheaval in midfield. I would have liked Bellingham to replace him but as that's unlikely we should go for De Jong, he's almost identical in terms of playstyle so should fit in seamlessly. Looks like Nunes will replace Ferna.

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