It's Quiet 17 - Glory Thread


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19 Jul 2020
Ederson, Steffan
RBs: Walker, New RB,
CB: Stones, Ake, Laporte, Dias,
LB: Cancelo, Zinchenko.
DM: Rodri, new versatile midfielder,
CM: silva, Kdb, Foden, Gundo replacement,
RW: Mahrez, Sterling,
ST: Haaland, Alvarez,
LW: Grealish, Felix

don’t know why but that feels incredibly unbalanced in midfield and very top heavy.

also requires 4 signings + Haaland - just not a City, in recent times, thing to do.
I really like Felix, but I just can’t see it happening unless both Jesus and Sterling are out the door. Like you say, it seems too top heavy


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17 Jan 2009
He’s announced he is staying at Dortmund for the 22/23 season.
Means nothing.

Probably thought like everyone here that move might happen next year. If we really want Bellingham we move now not play Foden in the middle for a year with Felix out wide then let Mahrez walk so Foden can go back out wide. We will just go after him if we want him, simple.

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